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The mission of Girls Rock Math is to provide thought-provoking, creative experiences in math, empowering girls to develop confidence in their skills and

a life-long interest in mathematics.

Girl Scouts Rock

The Amazing Cookie Quest

Earn a math patch, travel the world, and learn how to make Girl Scout cookies, all in just 90 minutes! 

Calling all 

Brownies and Juniors!

Our curriculum is written just for Girl Scouts, and is appropriate for troops of Brownies, Juniors, or a mix of the two. Girls will work in teams of two or three to travel the world, solving puzzles, and collecting ingredients for making our favorite type of cookie: Samoa! At the end of their adventure, they will earn their Math Patch, as well as a discount towards future summer camps, plus bonus Girls Rock Math goodies. 

Registration Information


$150 for up to 10 girls

$15 for each additional girl


90 minutes

Times vary depending on schedule



We come to you!

Currently serving troops in the greater Seattle area

For inquiries and/or questions contact our Program Assistant Vicky to begin planning your Troop's Amazing Cookie Race!

Email Vicky@girlsrockmathematics.com to schedule your troop for this around-the-world advenure



Do you provide badges/patches?


Can you come to Bellevue/Issaquah/West Seattle etc.?

Depends on instructor availability during your requested time/day. While we do our best to accommodate as many troops as possible, sometimes we are unable to reach groups that are farther away. 

Can you schedule on weekends?

We may be able to schedule on the weekends, though our instructors are not always available.

Can you provide a location?

Girls Rock Math does not provide locations for these workshops. If your troop does not have a location to meet, we suggest local libraries, schools, or member's houses. 

Can we combine with another troop?

Yes, but it may take us longer to arrange a schedule that works for everyone.

Do you offer workshops for Daisies?

Not at this time. Our curriculum requires at least a second grade level of math. 

What supplies does my troop need to provide?

Nothing more than a flat space where girls can work. We provide the rest! 

Do you need parent volunteers?

While we do not require any parents to be present, any who wish to assist can always help girls who get stuck on math problems. 

Can you accommodate a group of mixed levels of math confidence/ability? 

Yes, we are used to working with diverse groups of girls, and have many strategies for managing those with higher/lower abilities or levels of confidence

Ready to Earn that Patch?