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The mission of Girls Rock Math is to provide thought-provoking, creative experiences in math, empowering girls to develop confidence in their skills and

a life-long interest in mathematics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I am wait listed?

When a camp fills, we start a wait list.  Most camps only have a couple of openings per year, and those are offered to the people on the list in order.  We always recommend that people on the wait list register for a week of camp in addition to the wait listed camp.  If a spot opens up in your first choice camp, we can move you and transfer the balance to the new camp. When registering and selecting a wait listed camp, we will take your credit card information, however, you will not be charged.  

What grade do we select?

You will need to register your daughter for the grade she will be going into in the Fall of 2020.  If your daughter is currently in 4th grade, she will enter camp as a 5th grader. 

You may want to consider the span of grades when registering a child.  For example, an advanced rising 2nd grader will explore more challenging activities in a 2-3 camp than in a 1-2 camp, though both will be fun.  A struggling 4th grader would feel more comfortable with skills applied to activities in a 3-5 camp rather than those in the 4-6 camps, though both provide a lot of wiggle room for self-expression and allow for a variety of strategies in the projects.  Our camps tend to emphasize skills taught toward the higher grade level, with the exception of the 1-2 camps which have a activities that span review of grades K-2.

My daughter is 5. What camps do you have for 5 year olds?

If your 5-year old is currently in Kindergarten, register for any 1-2 camp.  These camps are a review of kindergarten material and preview first and second grade material.  Some rising first graders do find the camp challenging, and that often depends on what their kindergarten experience was like.  A child who attended a half-day program may find the full day of camp long, or tiring for example.  If your 5-year old child is in a Pre-K (even an academic Pre-K) and has not yet completed Kindergarten, we do not recommend Girls Rock Math until they have completed their Kindergarten year.  Our curriculum was designed specifically for rising first and second graders and is not appropriate for children who have not yet begun elementary school.

If you have a younger child, many of our camps take place nearby or in the same building as other camps.  Both boys and younger children can be enrolled in the following camps:

University District Camps: Broadway Bound has camps for 5-7 year olds

Bellevue Camps:  Destination Science has camps for 5-11 year olds

Phinney Ridge: Pinnacle Explorations has camps for 5-8 year olds, Coding with Kids has camps for 5-7 year olds 

Madrona/St. Therese Academy: Pedalheads has camps for children 4+ 

West Seattle:  Across the street at the Delridge Community Center Seattle Parks and Rec offers programs for children 3+ 

Can I save time by registering for a friend?

Every child needs to have a legal guardian create their account, and a legal guardian needs to register their own child.  We ask that all families sign a waiver, and we need up-to-date emergency contact information and payment information for each family.  Signing up for friends may result in all children under that account losing their spots, as it places us at risk.  Thanks for understanding!  

How can I change my daughter's camp session?

If your family has a change of plans this summer and you need to change weeks, please contact our registrar at: brittany@girlsrockmathematics.com.  As long as there are openings in other sessions, we will do our best effort to make the change and will do so up until July 1.  Note that if you are changing from one camp to another, our system requires you to have your balance paid in full at the time of transfer.

My daughter has attended GRM before.  Will she be doing the same activities this summer?

If your child attended camp last summer, the activities for camp this year will be different because she is in a new grade level and you can choose a camp with a different theme.  The curriculum in 1-2, 2-3, 3-4-5 and 4-5-6 camps are, for the most part, unique to each camp.  That being said, we have some activities we do every week, with every camp, at every grade level because we feel they are just that important! These include our non-math activities done in counselor circle-ups which focus on confidence building, friendship building and problem-solving, and activities around gender stereotypes and STEM careers. 

How many openings do you have?

Each camp can serve up to 24 girls.  We hope to have 1400 campers this summer.

Do you do pro-rate camps if we don't attend each day?

We do not pro-rate camps for missed days due to illness or vacation, even if planned in advance.  However, we will pro-rate a camp if you register after the start date.  If there is an opening in a camp and you register on Tuesday to attend Wednesday-Friday, you will only pay for 3 days of camp.

My daughter has allergies.  Are your staff allergy-aware?

We are a nut-free camp and ask that all campers bring their own nut-free lunches and snacks.  You will be asked to inform us of any allergies when you apply to camp and if she needs an Epi-pen or Benedryl at camp, you need to fill out the Medication Form and deliver that to your Site Director on the first day of camp.

Can I get your Tax ID?

Our EIN is listed on your receipt, but if you need it again, just email our registrar at annelliott@girlrockmathematics.com

What happens if I need to cancel?
Refunds, minus a $75 processing fee will be given through May 1st with written email notice of withdrawal from the program. No refunds are given after May 1st. 
What kind of supervision is provided?

All camps have a 6:1 camper/counselor ratio.  Girls are placed in small groups of 8 and paired with one of our phenomenal counselors. These are responsible, motivated high school students who have passion for working with children and the STEAM fields.  Additionally, each camp is led by a certified teacher. All of our certified teachers have had a background check and are trained in CPR and First Aid. Every camp also has a Site Director who is present to assist as needed. Our high-school age counselors and are never soley responsible for the campers and are supervised themselves throughout the day by the adult staff oversee all aspects of the program.

Does my daughter need to wear her camp shirt every day?

The t-shirt shirt is a gift to you and we hope it helps build community among the campers, helps them create an identity as a "Girls Rock Math girl" and that they want to wear it. It is not required to wear daily, but many of our campers want to wear it every day! If your daughter wants to wear it, then by all means, wear it! 

Do you offer financial assistance?

We want any family who is interested in attending Girls Rock Math to be able to.  You can find more information here.

My child is in advanced placement classes (or Spectrum, Quest, etc.) Can she register for the next grade level up?

Our program is great for gifted, or advanced students.  We offer opportunities to explore mathematics beyond arithmetic and computational skills.  The math activities we do in camp are not those found in most text books, workbooks or school curriculum. As an enrichment program, we are providing additional math experiences for your child. Strong math students enjoy working with numbers and shapes in new ways- observing and testing different applications for math work than they have probably experienced at school. Our program does focus on grade-level math but we approach problems critically with an eye for creative problem-solving techniques.  Gifted students find pleasure in the various ways in which we explore mathematics, even if they have already mastered the "basics." If you have questions or concerns about placing your child in their age-group, please contact the camp director to begin a discussion about the best ways Girls Rock Math can serve your child.  If you have an advanced placement 2nd grader, it is better to enroll in a 2-3 camp rather than a 1-2.  If your 4th or 5th grader, please register for the 4th-6th grade camps.  If you are looking for camps for gifted students specifically, check out WISE and The Robinson Center summer programs.  

Can boys attend Girls Rock Math?

We have strong and clear values of inclusion and equity: If a child identifies as a girl, they are welcome at Girls Rock Math. Our curriculum was created especially for girls and is based on current research on the gender equity gap in STEM and best educational practices that promote confidence and enjoyment of STEM subjects. All of our curriculum is "girl-centric" with stories about girls and women, posters, materials designed with girls in mind. For example, we say our daily Girl-afesto which states "I am a girl! Bright, able, capable, serious, adventurous and strong!"  Girls Rock Math focuses on helping girls develop as confident leaders, able to tackle challenges, engage in STEM excitedly and feel great about being a girl! Girls Rock Math welcomes campers of every race, ethnicity, income level, sexual orientation, ability, gender identity, religion, or geographic location to join us.  We have had gender non-conforming and non-binary campers attend our program and thrive throughout the years.  If your child wouldn't feel comfortable in a program that is focused on empowering girls, there are many other STEM programs in the Seattle area if you're interested in finding something else. For co-ed STEM camps, we recommend Destination Science, Challenge Island, and DigiPen Summer Workshops.  If you want a male identified child to attend camp at the same time as your other child, these camps provide programs in similar or the same locations as our camps:

University District Camps: Broadway Bound has camps for 5-7 year olds

Bellevue Camps:  Destination Science has camps for 5-11 year olds

Phinney Ridge: Pinnacle Explorations has camps for 5-8 year olds, Coding with Kids has camps for 5-7 year olds 

Madrona/St. Therese Academy: Pedalheads has camps for children 4+ 

West Seattle:  Across the street at the Delridge Community Center Seattle Parks and Rec offers programs for children 3+ 

My daughter is behind in math.  Will she be okay?

Many of our math activities focus on critical thinking and problem solving, and don't require a child to have memorized her math facts, or know how to tackle every kind of problem.  We encourage girls to use what they already know in order to find solutions- we do not require everyone to use a specific method. Girls learn from one another, and we focus on strategy sharing.  There are many ways to find a solution, and creative thinking is encouraged. Girls who have grade-level skills, or have a reluctance toward math but no major learning disabilities do quite well.  Campers who understand concepts but have not memorized facts also do great at camp, since memorization is not our focus. It should be noted that we move at a fast pace, and cover a multitude of topics in a week. This can be challenging for some campers, despite the fact that we encourage all children to take their time. In our experience, reluctant math learners have had a blast at Girls Rock Math.  For the best experience,  please register your camper on the lower-end of her grade band.  For example, a 2nd grader should enroll in a 1st/2nd camp and a 3rd grader should enroll in a 2nd/3rd grade camp. 


Children who are quite behind may struggle in our program, as we are using grade-level standards as our basis.  If you are looking for specific skill development over the summer beyond enrichment, check out the summer programs offered by The Hamlin-Robinson School and Morningside Academy. 

Will this camp help my daughter enter school ahead of grade level?

Girls come to our camp with a range of abilities and school programs. Our goal is to provide an enriching experience that will help girls see themselves as competent, capable and able to take on challenges. We provide math experiences that help girls think about numbers and shapes in new ways- exploring the fascinating, playful and creative aspects of mathematics. Testimonials from our families have demonstrated that their daughters are entering school in the fall more excited about math, willing to take on challenge, and are more confident when it comes to sharing ideas and participating in class. That being said, it's unlikely that a week of camp will provide your child with enough math practice to boost her above grade level if she isn't already there.

What happens if my camper has to miss or leave early on Friday?

It's okay if your child can't be at camp on Friday or attend the full day on Friday.  We won't offer a pro-rated price for missing a day and do encourage campers to attend the full week when possible.  Especially because Friday is a spectacular day at Girls Rock Math!  We have a Water Play Day at select locations.  All other locations host a Field Day/Scavenger Hunt on Fridays.  Our scavenger hunts review a lot of the learning done at camp, help develop team-work skills, and are exciting to do.  All camps have a special ceremony honoring the campers and counselors at the end of the week, and we do a culminating activity to help everyone see how GREAT it is to be a GIRL!  Some parents have wondered why we change up the day so much on Fridays, especially since this is math camp. Our water play or scavenger hunt on Friday usually takes about the same amount time spent during our daily lunch recess. Playing in the water or doing a scavenger hunt is FUN, girls look forward to it, and it makes summer camp special.  We love and value play, just as much as we love and value math!  Childhood is short, we only have so many days of warm weather a year, and after all, this is CAMP!  

How did Girls Rock Math begin?

That's a long story! The short version is that at Girls Rock Math we saw a need for more math enrichment created especially for girls.  Using current research about girls and learning, we found that by integrating math into subject matter that's appealing to many girls, we could help enthuse more girls about their math learning at school.  As a classroom teacher, the founder of Girls Rock Math had seen much evidence of the passion for learning that comes from this kind of approach, and she sought out ways to bring these experiences to more children. Girls Rock Math was founded in 2011 and we had our first summer camp season in 2012 with one classroom at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center!

My child has special needs. Will Girls Rock Math be a good fit for her?

We have had many campers with mild special needs at Girls Rock Math. Please call us to discus your child’s unique requirements (206) 408-8708. If your child requires an aide in school, then you will need to send an aide to camp. Download our Policy & Procedure Form for Aides and email the form to camp@girlsrockmathematics.com by June 15, 2020.  If your child has special circumstances that may impact her ability to participate fully in the program, please let us know so that we can set up a time to discuss her needs to ensure that the program will be a good fit for her. 

What does your daily schedule look like?

Below is a sample schedule for a typical day at Girls Rock Math:

8:45-9:15  Arrival activity and Morning Math Meeting

9:15-10:15 First Math Activity of the day

10:15-11:00 Snack/Recess/Counselor Circle-up (a focused social-emotional skill building time)

11:00-12:00 Second Math Activity of the day

12:00-1:00 Lunch and Outside Play/Recess

1:00-1:30 Read Aloud

1:30-2:45 Final Math Activity of the day

2:45-3:15 Clean-Up/Wrap-Up/Songs

Ready for Camp?