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The mission of Girls Rock Math is to provide thought-provoking, creative experiences in math, empowering girls to develop confidence in their skills and

a life-long interest in mathematics.

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An important part of every Girls Rock Math camp is providing inspiring female role models. Ada Lovelace, Emmy Noether, Hypatia of Alexandria, and Marjorie Lee Browne were four women who changed the world though their fearless pursuits in mathematics, and we love them so much we wrote books about them! Made by girls for girls (and about girls of course), these stories can be more than just a camp memory: order your copy today!

Hypatia:  Explorer of Geometry

Math has existed for as long as history itself, but female mathematicians become less common the farther back in time you travel. Hypatia of Alexandria is often considered the first known woman in the field, and this brand new story from GRM celebrates her adventures as she became one of the Greco-Roman Empire's most notable inventors and teachers. Travel from Lycia to Numidia and all around the Middle East and beyond with Hypatia and her father Theon in this fully illustrated tale of adventure, discovery, and most importantly, math! 

Play the Game: Hypatia's Pyramid


Top of the Class: The Story of Marjorie Lee Browne

Marjorie Lee Browne was an African American woman growing up in the South during the Jim Crow era. She became one of the first women to earn a Doctorate in the field of mathematics. She had unstoppable work ethic and love of math that allowed her to break barriers and explore her passions.  Experience what life was like in America from 1915-1970's through the eyes of Marjorie Lee Browne in this gripping tale of overcoming obstacles and defying societal expectations and norms. 


The Enchantress of Numbers: The Story of Ada Lovelace

Imagine a life with no computers. No Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, or GirlsRockMathematics.com! That is the world Ada Lovelace lived in, alongside Charles Babbage, the inventor of the world's first counting machine. Together the pair would lay the foundation for the world's first computer code, which is still in use today. Not only did Ada use her skills in calculus, arithmetic, and language to change the world, she changed what it meant to be a woman at the time when she chose a lifechanging career in math. learn about her ground breaking discoveries and inspirational determination in this GRM favorite tale!


Beautiful Symmetry: The Story of Emmy Noether

Symmetry is everywhere! It can be as simple as the wheels on a bike, or as complicated as the gravity and motion that allows a cyclist stay upright. The way we understand it today is in large part thanks to the work of Emmy Noether, a woman who chose to be incredibly brave in a very challenging time. Not only did she escape Germany during the peak of World War 2, but she redefined what it meant to be a woman in mathematics at the time when she earned her PHD while working alongside Albert Einstein. Look for the symmetry on each page, illustrated in the style of Art Deco as was in vogue at the time of Emmy's life. 



STEM Super-Heroine Paper Dolls

Bring the STEM Super-Heroines to life with these collectible paper dolls. Hypatia of Alexandria, Ada Lovelace, Emmy Noether, and Marjorie Lee Browne were four women who helped shape the world of mathematics as we know it. They were inventors, teachers, scholars, and dreamers, and with a little Super-Heroine inspiration you can be too! Learn about these amazing role models as you dress each girl up in both modern and historical outfits and accessories. 

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